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Angina, also known as angina pectoris, is chest pain or pressure, usually due to not enough blood flow to the heart muscle. angina is usually due to obstruction or highlight Angina - wikipedia.

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Maxalt 5mg and 10mg tablets - summary of product. Persons having conditions predisposing to vasospastic reactions such as known peripheral arterial disease, coronary artery disease (in particular, unstable or Migraine cluster headache: nonsurgical management.

  • Variant Angina and Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, 23 Aug 2011 In fact, 70 to 90% of the people with variant angina are men. Variant angina is known by other names. It is also called Prinzmetal's angina, angina inversa and coronary artery spasm. Once again, it is a variant type of angina pectoris. It should be understood that variant angina is not a disease or an ailment.
  • ANGINA AND FILING FOR DISABILITY, 2. Angina pectoris has two main subtypes, stable angina and unstable angina. A third type, variant angina is much more rare. Stable angina is long-term, recurring pain typically brought on by exertion. Unstable angina is sudden pain, or a change in the pattern of normally stable angina, and may signal a heart attack.
  • Vasospastic angina - European Society of Cardiology, 11 Nov 2003 This usually determines transmural myocardial ischemia, typically manifested by ST segment elevation on the electrocardiogram (ECG). In the most classical form, vasospastic angina occurs at rest (Prinzmetal's variant angina), but, in some patients, spasm can also be triggered by efforts or stress conditions 
  • Coronary artery spasm: Current knowledge and residual, Non-selective β-blockers (like propranolol) convert the effects of sympathetic stimulation into a pure a-adrenergic vasoconstrictor response, thus they can exacerbate and prolong vasospasm in these patients [62]. However, since coronary spasm can occur in patients with stable angina as well, concomitant use of calcium 
  • Coronary artery spasm—Clinical features, diagnosis, pathogenesis, In 1959, Prinzmetal et al. [6] described a new form of angina pectoris which differed sharply from the classical angina and named it “variant form of angina pectoris.” The characteristics of this syndrome were: the attack associated with ST segment elevation on ECG occurred at rest and was not induced by exertion. However 
  • Spontaneous remission is a frequent outcome of variant angina, Prinzmetal's variant angina. Circulation, 47 (1973), pp. 946-958. 3. E Kimura, H KishidaTreatment of variant angina with drugs: a survey of 11 cardiology institutes in Japan. Circulation, 63 (1981), pp. 844-848. 4. E Antman, J Muller, S Goldberg, et al.Nifedipine therapy for coronary-artery spasm. Experience in 127 patients.
  • Social Security Disability Benefits for Ischemic Heart Disease (Page 1), Vasospastic Angina. There is an important exception to the relationship between exertion and ischemic cardiac chest pain: vasospastic angina (variant angina) occurs when a coronary artery narrows in a particular location, thereby decreasing blood flow to heart muscle past the point of narrowing. The word “vasospastic” 
  • How Prinzmetal's Angina Affects Your Daily Routine | The Mighty, 26 May 2016 The explaining Prinzmetal's angina to doctors who stand over you and say, “This is fascinating. I have only The Mighty is asking the following: What's one thing people might not know about your experience with disability, disease or mental illness, and what would you say to teach them? Check out our 
  • prinzmetals angina | Angina | Patient, prinzmetals angina. Posted 10 years ago. I have had prinzmetal's angina for over 7 years. Information about prinzmetal's says that pain occurs at night while in bed. Well not in my case. I get angina I'm a former critical nurse who is now disabled at the age of 37 due to Prinzmetal's. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. Had a 
  • Ischemic heart disease and Disability | Hermann Law Group, In these situations, it is essential to establish objective evidence of myocardial ischemia to ensure that you do not have effort dyspnea due to non-ischemic or non-cardiac causes. Variant angina. Variant angina (Prinzmetal's angina, vasospastic angina) refers to the occurrence of anginal episodes at rest, especially at night, 
  • How to Get Disability Benefits for Ischemic Heart Disease by, Variant angina. Variant angina (Prinzmetal's angina, vasospastic angina) refers to the occurrence of anginal episodes at rest, especially at night, accompanied by transitory ST segment elevation (or, at times, ST depression) on an ECG. It is due to severe spasm of a coronary artery, causing ischemia of the heart wall, and is 
  • 4.00-Cardiovascular-Adult - Social Security, However, we may find you disabled because you have another impairment(s) that in combination with your cardiovascular impairment medically equals the.. Variant angina (Prinzmetal's angina, vasospastic angina) refers to the occurrence of anginal episodes at rest, especially at night, accompanied by transitory ST 
  • Coronary Artery Vasospasm Differential Diagnoses, 22 Nov 2016 Coronary artery vasospasm, or smooth muscle constriction of the coronary artery, is an important cause of chest pain syndromes that can lead to In this situation, a diagnosis of vasospastic angina may be incorrectly applied, and important interventions to treat and prevent further atherosclerotic events