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Tammy flanagan: planning for life and work after you retire. november 3, 2017 11:17 am < a min read. as tammy flanagan, highlight Tammy flanagan: planning for life and work after you.

Best dates to retire 2017 by tammy flanagan and then will receive 27/30 of the march csrs the end of the leave year dates are jan. 7, 2017 and jan highlight Best dates to retire 2017 - smarterdollars.finlsite.com.

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Director civilian benefits enter - secretariat. Learn more about retirement and your federal employee benefits in rockville, md, tammy flanagan, november 27, 2017: Federal employee benefits | rockville, md.

  • Retirement Planning - Pay & Benefits - GovExec.com - Government, By Tammy Flanagan; November 30, 2017; 27 Comments. I don't know about 31, 2017, Jan. 3, 2018, or Jan. 6, 2018, with more than 15 years of service, can accumulate 25 or 26 accruals of eight hours of annual leave (200-208 hours) in 2017 in addition to the 240 hours that they may have carried over from 2016. If you're 
  • 5 Year-End Money Saving Tips - Retirement Planning - Pay, 30 Nov 2017 I don't know about you, but it seems like this year flew by faster than usual. We're already in the midst of the annual health insurance open season (the last day is Monday, Dec. 11), some of you are winding down the final days of your career, those who are staying are waiting for the announcement of the 
  • Retirement Planning - Pay & Benefits - GovExec.com - Government, By Tammy Flanagan; July 27, 2017; 37 Comments. Lately, it seems like I've been conducting seminars for as many mid-career employees as for those nearing retirement. It's great to see younger workers planning for the future. One difference with midcareer employees is that many of them aren't planning to complete their 
  • Flipping the Switch on Blended Retirement, Your Benefits During a, By Tammy Flanagan; April 27, 2017; 90 Comments. On the most basic level, the difference between sick leave and annual leave for federal employees is simple: Sick leave is for illness and annual leave is for vacations. In practice, it's a little more complicated. Federal workers are able to accumulate 104 hours of sick leave 
  • Retirement Planning - Pay & Benefits - GovExec.com, By Tammy Flanagan; January 11, 2018; 9 Comments. Every year at this time, I update my annual index of links to previous columns on important topics in the federal retirement process. I've added new columns from 2017 to the top of the list in each subject area below. I've also deleted links to some older columns that are a 
  • The Index: 2017 Edition - Retirement Planning - Pay & Benefits, 12 Jan 2017 Your annual guide to retirement planning, organized by topic.
  • Picking a Date to Retire - Retirement Planning - Pay & Benefits, 31 Aug 2017 Is there such a thing as a best date to retire? I should probably know by now, because I'm known for coming up with an annual calendar of such dates. As more and more federal employees are now retiring under the Federal Employees Retirement System, I have been rethinking the idea of a best date for 
  • Can't get a buyout? Build your own - FederalNewsRadio.com, September 27, 2017 1:00 am. 3 min read. Share Usually in late December or the first three days in January, depending on whether they are FERS, CSRS or under the CSRS Offset retirement program. They can do it by retiring in the Our guest today on our 10 a.m. EDT Your Turn radio show is Tammy Flanagan. She's a 
  • For Your Benefit Archives - FederalNewsRadio.com, Host Bob Leins and co-host Tammy Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director at NITP, welcome Mike Causey to take a look back at Federal Benefits over the past year and a Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director at NITP, as they discuss an important subject: Survivor Benefits. August 21, 2017. For Your Benefit. August 16, 2017 
  • NARFE, If 2017 posed problems for feds, 2018 could be worse with attacks on pay, benefits. January 5, 2018 Read More November 27, 2017 Read More Interview with NARFE April 27, 2016 Read More Refers to NARFE's “Claiming Social Security” webinar with Tammy Flanagan, being held on Thursday, April 28 at 2 pm ET.
  • TSP fees: Don't make a $78,000 mistake - FederalNewsRadio.com, February 27, 2017 1:00 am. 3 min read. Share. When they retire or leave government for another job, For example: Last week benefits expert Tammy Flanagan did a TSP webinar for the National Active and Retired Federal Employees. It is chock full of information about the TSP answering questions you probably never 
  • Retirement and Benefits Webinars, 29 Sep 2017 benefit elections in time for the 2018 Federal Benefits Open Season. Did you know some of the best plans are not always the most expensive? Join Tammy Flanagan of the. National Institute for Transition Planning and Long Term Care Partners (FLTCIP and. BENEFEDS) representatives live at the 2017 
  • FLTCIP Retirement and Benefits Webinars, 28 Mar 2017 Join Tammy Flanagan of the National Institute for Transition Planning as she shares essential tasks from her midcareer April 27, 2017. Be Grief Savvy. Human beings are inherently relational creatures. Among other things, we create attachments—to people, places, and things. Consequently, we risk the