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The code range related to interstim battery- (64585-64595) for an appropriate answer please provide the detail note of the procedure performed with the diagnosis. highlight Interstim battery replacement?

Unable to locate a cpt code for removal of interstim leads and generator unable to locate a cpt code for both being removed.due to dysfunctional interstim highlight Removal of interstim leads and generator - medical coding.

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Replacing your medtronic enterra neurostimulator battery. ? to those who have had their interstim battery replaced anyway i have not had a revision due to replace battery, code is on code is on; html code ? interstim battery replaced.

  • IPG replacement with change of pocket site - AAPC, Reporting an “insertion or replacement” CPT code necessitates use of a For example, if one battery/generator is replaced (e.g., right side) 
  • Bulletin Number: xxxxxx -, amounts for codes in effect on January 1, 2010; April 1, 2010 for the revisions to CPT only copyright 2009 American Medical Association. Page 1 of 4. code Q0506 in cases where the battery is being replaced because it was lost, stolen, or.
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