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Glioblastoma multiforme (gbm) is by far the most common and most malignant of the glial tumors. attention was drawn to this form of brain cancer when highlight Glioblastoma multiforme: practice essentials, background.

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Sorafenib - wikipedia. Background standard therapy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma is radiotherapy plus temozolomide. in this phase 3 study, we evaluated the effect of the addition of Bevacizumab radiotherapy–temozolomide newly.

  • Standards of care for treatment of recurrent glioblastoma—are we, 7 Nov 2012 Newly diagnosed glioblastoma is now commonly treated with surgery, if feasible, or biopsy, followed by radiation plus concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide. The treatment of recurrent glioblastoma continues to be a moving target as new therapeutic principles enrich the standards of care for newly 
  • Treatment Options for Recurrent Glioblastoma: Pitfalls and Future, Standard treatment with temozolomide and radiotherapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma has increased the median overall survival and, more importantly, the 2-year survival rate of patients. However, as yet, no investigations have been conducted to define effective strategies against recurrence, which 
  • Treatment Options in Recurrent Glioblastoma - OncLive, 29 Mar 2016 Susan C. Pannullo, MD and Steven A. Toms, MD, comment on the factors that influence treatment decisions in recurrent disease in patients with glioblastoma.
  • Management of glioblastoma after recurrence: A changing paradigm, Glioblastoma remains the most common primary brain tumor after the age of 40 years. Maximal safe surgery followed by adjuvant chemoradiotherapy has remained the standard treatment for glioblastoma (GBM). But recurrence is an inevitable event in the natural history of GBM with most patients experiencing it after 6–9 
  • Clinical trial gives recurrent glioblastoma survivor hope | MD, 22 May 2017 That's when my neuro-oncologist, Barbara O'Brien, M.D., told me about a clinical trial for pembrolizumab, an immunotherapy treatment that had been used for melanoma and was being tested for glioblastoma. I qualified for the clinical trial and started receiving the immunotherapy via IV in June 2015.
  • Scale to Predict Survival After Surgery for Recurrent Glioblastoma, Despite initial treatment with surgical resection, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) virtually always recurs. Surgery is sometimes recommended to treat recurrence. In this study, we sought to devise a preoperative scale that predicts survival after surgery for recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.
  • About Recurrent Glioblastoma (GBM) | Optune®, When GBM returns after initial treatment, it's known as " recurrent glioblastoma" or "recurrent GBM." Learn why GBM may return and possible treatments.
  • Therapeutic options in recurrent glioblastoma – an - Cancerworld, in recurrent glioblastoma (J Clin Oncol. 2010, 28:1963–72). In suspected pseudoprogression, repeat MRI imaging in shortened time intervals is recommended, while usually maintaining treatment. Therapeutic options in recurrent glioblastoma – an update. Standards of care are not yet defined for patients with recurrent 
  • Gene Therapy Doubles Survival in Recurrent Glioblastoma - ONA, 13 Oct 2015 An experimental gene therapy essentially doubled the overall survival of patients with recurrent glioblastoma compared with the current standard of care.
  • Treatment outcome of patients with recurrent glioblastoma, 20 Jul 2017 Treatment outcome of patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme: a retrospective multicenter analysis. Authors; Authors and affiliations. Myra E. van Linde; Cyrillo G. Brahm; Philip C. de Witt Hamer; Jaap C. Reijneveld; Anna M. E. Bruynzeel; W. Peter Vandertop; Peter M. van de Ven; Michiel 
  • Antiangiogenic Gene Therapy, Added to Standard Treatment, 9 Jun 2016 Avastin plus a novel antiangiogenic gene therapy resulted in significantly better overall survival for patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.
  • Management of recurrent high-grade gliomas - UpToDate, 13 Dec 2017 Treatment decisions for patients with recurrent or progressive high-grade glioma must be individualized, since therapy is not curative and there are no randomized trials that directly compare active intervention versus supportive care. The benefit of reintervention must be balanced by the risk of iatrogenic 
  • Potential Glioblastoma Treatments Entering The Pivotal Phase of, 30 Mar 2017 National Brain Tumor Society's Research Staff Provides a List of All the Phase III Clinical Trials of Potential New Glioblastoma Treatments.