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  • Placement Testing - Accuplacer — Mount Wachusett Community, All first-time MWCC students must take the Accuplacer Placement Test. The results will help students to choose appropriately when registering for classes. Steps to the College Placement Test. . . Prepare for the Test Take the Test Attend a SMART Start Event About the Test Placement Test Brochure The Placement Test is 
  • For Students – ACCUPLACER – The College Board, Resources and information to help students prepare for ACCUPLACER test day.
  • accuplacer - Goodwin College, ACCUPLACER. Testing & Study Guide. Prepared by the Admissions Office Staff and General Education Faculty. Draft: January 2011. Thank you to Johnston.. 16. Rational Expressions. Perform the following operations and simplify where possible. If given an equation, solve for the variable. 58. 4 +. 3a = 5. 2a – 2 a. 2. - a.
  • Accuplacer - Springfield Technical Community College, Student Guide to Accuplacer. A Sample Questions Booklet is available on the College Board website. The booklet provides useful information about the content of the Accuplacer CPT tests and sample questions for the Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic, and Elementary Algebra tests. (Please note: STCC