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Note: approximate conversions between icd-9-cm codes and icd-10-cm codes may require clinical interpretation in order to determine the most appropriate conversion highlight Convert icd-9-cm diagnosis 799.9 to icd-10-cm.

Icd-9-cm 799.51 converts directly to: 2018 icd-10-cm r41.840 attention and concentration deficit. source: 2018 icd-10-cm cms general equivalence mappings. highlight Convert icd-9-cm diagnosis 799.51 to icd-10-cm.

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Icd-9-cm diagnosis code 799.3 : debility, unspecified. Dsm-5 diagnoses and icd-9-cm and icd-10-cm codes, alphabetical listing. this is an alphabetical listing of all dsm-5 diagnoses. if they have icd-9-cm or icd-10-cm Dsm-5 diagnoses icd-9-cm icd-10-cm codes.

  • Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 799.9 to ICD-10-CM, Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 799.9 to ICD-10-CM. ICD-9-CM 799.9 converts approximately to: 2018 ICD-10-CM R69 Illness, unspecified. or: 2018 ICD-10-CM R99 Ill-defined and unknown cause of mortality. Note: approximate conversions between ICD-9-CM codes and ICD-10-CM codes may require clinical interpretation 
  • Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 799.4 to ICD-10-CM, Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 799.4 to ICD-10-CM. ICD-9-CM 799.4 converts directly to: 2018 ICD-10-CM R64 Cachexia. Source: 2018 ICD-10-CM CMS General Equivalence Mappings.
  • Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 799.02 to ICD-10-CM, Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 799.02 to ICD-10-CM. ICD-9-CM 799.02 converts directly to: 2018 ICD-10-CM R09.02 Hypoxemia. Source: 2018 ICD-10-CM CMS General Equivalence Mappings.
  • 2018 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code H44.799: Retained (old, Free, official coding info for 2018 ICD-10-CM H44.799 - includes detailed rules, notes, synonyms, ICD-9-CM conversion, index and annotation crosswalks, DRG grouping and more.
  • 2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 799.3 : Debility, unspecified, Free, official information about 2012 (and also 2013-2015) ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 799.3, including coding notes, detailed descriptions, index cross-references and ICD-10-CM conversion.
  • List of ICD-9 codes 780–799: symptoms, signs, and ill-defined, Symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions (780–799). 1.1 Symptoms (780–789). 1.1.1 General symptoms; 1.1.2 Symptoms involving nervous and musculoskeletal systems; 1.1.3 Symptoms involving skin and other integumentary tissue; 1.1.4 Symptoms involving head and neck; 1.1.5 Symptoms involving cardiovascular 
  • ICD-9 Diagnosis Code 799.3 Debility NOS - ICD List, Diagnosis Code 799.3 information, including descriptions, synonyms, code edits, ICD-10 conversion and references to the diseases index. This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 799.3. Code Classification. Symptoms Ill-defined and unknown causes of morbidity and mortality (797-799). 799 Other 
  • 799.9 Other unknown and unspecified cause of morbidity and, 799.9 Other unknown and unspecified cause of morbidity and mortality - ICD-9-CM Vol. 1 Diagnostic Codes - FindACode.com.
  • ICD-9-CM vs. ICD-10-CM Comparison - Find-A-Code, Symptoms, Signs, and Abnormal Clinical Laboratory Findings, Not Elsewhere Classified, R00–R99, 780–799 (Symptoms, Signs, and Ill-Defined Conditions) category - The first three characters of both ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. subcategory - Additional characters beyond the category of ICD-9-CM and 
  • 2015 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes - ASHA, 1 Oct 2014 to assist with the transition to ICD-10-CM, which is set to occur October 1, 2015. . Ch. 16 Symptoms, Signs, and Ill-defined Conditions (780-799) 315.00 Reading disorder, unspecified. 315.01 Alexia. 315.02 Developmental dyslexia. 2015 ICD-9 Diagnosis Codes – Effective October 1, 2014. 10 
  • ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes, ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes. Causes 01 through 31 at the left can be chosen from any of the main MICA's query screens (Step 6 for county and/or zipcode and Step 3 for the maps). The indented causes can be chosen by choosing the corresponding heading from the main query screen and then "drilling down" by clicking on 
  • ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Codes: What? Why? How? - NCBI - NIH, The wound care industry will gain many benefits when International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-10-Clinical Modification (CM) is implemented. One of the main benefits is that the disease classifications will be consistent with current clinical practice and medical technology advances. The new classification codes will be 
  • ICD-9 ICD-10 Crosswalks for Common ER Diagnoses, ICD-9 ICD-10 Crosswalks for Common ER Diagnoses. Several of the most common diagnoses in the emergency room have a one-to-one match for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes. Here are a few. Syncope and Collapse; Convulsions; Chest pain, unspecified. More information on these diagnoses can be found