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  • Why DL - Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology, Digital Radiology, Ultrasound, EKG and PICC Insertion (more services coming soon!) 4. EMR Resources: We offer an IT team dedicated to integrating invoices and diagnostic results electronically in real-time. 5. Territory Managers: Dedicated to servicing your facility needs 24/7. 6. Third-Party Resources: Preferred vendor 
  • PICC Line Placement - Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology, PICC and Vascular Services* Diagnostic Laboratories & Radiology (DL) offers innovative mobile vascular access services, bringing the most state-of-the-art technologies to patients wherever they call home. Most notable is our new groundbreaking ultrasound-guided Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) insertions, 
  • Infection Control - Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology, Infection Control Quarterly Reporting: The following quarterly reports are provided from DL Data to our clients upon request. • Monthy Culture Summary Reports • Antibiogram Reports • Radiology Reports • Continuous Quality Improvement Reports (CQIR) Infection Control Manual: DL offers each facility a general infection 
  • EKG - Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology, Electrocardiogram Service (EKG) Available 7 days a week our standard 12 lead electrocardiograms can be performed upon request and a tracing can be provided for review by attending physician. This provides the physician with an over read element. When requested, we will also obtain an interpretation from a