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Tendon transfers / tenodesis cpt codes. mcp sagittal band reconstruction; muscle or tendon transfer, any type, upper arm or elbow, single (24301) tenoplasty, with highlight Tendon transfers / tenodesis cpt codes.

Zone 2 repair code 26370, repair or advancement of profundus tendon, with intact superficialis tendon; primary, each tendon, is used when only highlight Session 2 - coding for difficult tendon repairs and.

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Cpt coding hand and extremity surgery - aapc. A helping hand for coding. wrist, hand, finger codes don’t have to be confusing. by m. bradford henley, md; william r. beach, md; gary k. frykman, md; melvin m Aaos bulletin - august, 2005.

  • Hand Surgery CPT Codes, sorted by number - Eaton Hand, hand (includes hand through metacarpophalangeal joints); complete amputation (20808) · Replantation, digit, excluding thumb (includes metacarpophalangeal joint to insertion of flexor sublimis tendon); complete amputation (20816) · Replantation, digit, excluding thumb (includes distal tip to sublimis tendon insertion); 
  • Tenolysis CPT Codes - Eaton Hand, Tenolysis CPT Codes. Tenolysis, triceps (24332) · Tenolysis, flexor or extensor tendon, forearm and/or wrist, single, each tendon (25295) · Tenolysis, simple, flexor tendon; palm OR finger, single, each tendon (26440) · Tenolysis, simple, flexor tendon; palm AND finger, each tendon (26442) · Tenolysis, extensor tendon, 
  • Darrach Procedure / Tendon Transfers for Tendon Rupture Codes, except same digit (list separately by this number) (64783) · Synovectomy, extensor tendon sheath, wrist, single compartment (25118) · Tendon transplantation or transfer, flexor or extensor, forearm and/or wrist, single; each tendon (25310) · Tendon transplantation or transfer, flexor or extensor, forearm and/or wrist, single; 
  • Transfer of either index finger extensor tendon to the extensor, BACKGROUND: Extensor pollicis longus (EPL) tendon ruptures have been treated succesfully with the transfer of the extensor indicis proprius (EIP) tendon. Situations exist in which, due to intraoperative observations, another tendon transfer may be considered preferable to the standard EIP transfer method.
  • extensor indicis proprius to extensor pollicis longus transfer, The options are end-to-end repair, ten- don graft, tendon transfer or interphalangeal ar- throdesis. The most popular tendon for transfer is the extensor indicis proprius (EIP). Results in the literature are quite good concerning thumb exten- sion as well as independent index extension after this transfer. The aim of this survey is 
  • hand cpt.txt, CPT Codes for the ABOS Hand Subspecialty Case List. 10060. Incision and. Pinch graft, single or multiple, to cover small ulcer, tip of digit, or other minimal open area (except on face), up to defect size of 2.. 25312 Tendon transplantation or transfer, flexor or extensor, forearm and/or wrist, single; with tendon graft. 25315.
  • Hammertoe Repairs with Flexor Tendon Transfer - mdStrategies, When an extensor tenotomy and flexor tendon transfer is performed for the correction of a claw toe, it would be appropriate to report CPT code 28285 – Repair of hammertoe. When a hammertoe repair is completed and the physician also performs the flexor tendon transfer then the tendon transfer is an inclusive component 
  • Rupture of the Extensor Pollicis Longus (EPL) tendon, The best treatment is to move another tendon and join it on to the EPL tendon, this is known as “tendon transfer”. The tendon of “Extensor Indicis Proprius” (EIP) is used. The index finger has two extensor tendons that straighten it, and there is no demonstrable loss of function from moving one away. The tendon is always 
  • Tendon Transfers, function, although normally their functions are in direct opposition. Extensor digitorium profundi of the index and middle fingers have side-to-side transfer to activate the index DIP. This illustrates that the usefulness of the tendon transfer will determine how well it functions, not the issue of synergism. CHAPTER 20 & TENDON 
  • GRAVITY ™ Tenodesis System - Wright Medical, CPT® Code Description. APC. APC Title. SI. Relative. Weight. Medicare. Average. Payment. 20924. Tendon graft, from a distance (eg, palmaris, toe extensor, plantaris). 0050. Level II Musculoskeletal. Procedures Except Hand and Foot. T. 35.0819. $2,601. 23395. Muscle transfer, any type, shoulder or upper arm; single.
  • AAHS News FALL 2016.pmd - American Association for Hand Surgery, 5 Oct 2016 Regardless of the approach, CPT. 26476 (tendon lengthening, extensor) would be appropriate coding for these surgeries. With more severe or fixed boutonniere deformities, surgi- cal treatment would focus mostly on regaining finger extension. A volar plate release with possible collateral ligament.
  • Extensor Tendon Repair: Background, Indications, Contraindications, 21 Aug 2017 The dorsum of the hand, wrist, and forearm are divided into nine anatomic zones to facilitate classification and treatment of extensor tendon injuries. Odd numbers are The goal of repair is to restore tendon continuity and function, with a secondary goal of allowing early motion of the injured digit. Optimal 
  • Extensor Tendon Rupture - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics, 20 Sep 2012 Extensor Tendon Lacerations - Mallet Finger - Rheumatoid Wrist - Teno-synovectomy - Discussion: - ulnar side of wrist is most common site of extensor tendon ruptures; transfers (EIP to EDQ & ring finger EDC to long finger) are best choice since tendon grafts may become adherent; - multiple ruptures: