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  • 2016 CPT Code Changes - mdStrategies, There have been changes to the CPT codes that would be used for lymph node sampling/biopsies and lung cancer staging procedures. You have the bronchoscopy portion of the procedure where the endoscope is passed through the trachea and bronchi to examine the mucosal lining and areas within this tube like 
  • Coding Corner: Tips for reporting bronchoscopy procedures - www, 12 May 2016 Following are some ICD-10-PCS documentation and coding tips for three of the most common (and commonly misunderstood/miscoded) procedures performed via bronchoscopy. Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) Do not confuse this with the therapeutic procedure whole lung lavage, which is performed to 
  • Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy - Blue Cross of Idaho, 31627: with computer-assisted, image-guided navigation (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure). Code 31627 is an add-on code that is used in conjunction with CPT codes 31615, 31622-31631, 31635, 31636, and 31638-31643. Code 31627 includes 3-dimensional reconstruction so it should not be 
  • Flexible bronchoscopy balloon dilation - UpToDate, 23 Aug 2017 These initial reports utilized fluoroscopy or rigid bronchoscopy to guide the dilation procedure. Flexible bronchoscopy with balloon dilation was not described until 1991 [10], and since that time relatively few reports with small numbers of patients have been published [11-19]. ETIOLOGY OF STRICTURES.
  • Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy - Excellus BlueCross, Code Key: Experimental/Investigational = (E/I), Not medically necessary/ appropriate = (NMN). CPT: 31626. Bronchoscopy, rigid or flexible, including fluoroscopic guidance when performed; with placement of Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy and rapid on site evaluation added to fluoroscopy-guided assisted 
  • Electromagnetic Navigation-guided Bronchoscopy - Medical Clinical, Eberhardt et al (2007a) prospectively collected data to determine the yield of electromagnetic navigation-guided bronchoscopy without fluoroscopy in the diagnosis of peripheral. CPT codes not covered for indications listed in the CPB: There are no specific codes for Electromagnetic Navigation-guided Bronchoscopy: 
  • Caught in a Coding Conundrum, 18 Jul 2011 23 No. 13 P. 10. Know the ins and outs of unbundling to avoid compliance traps. The concept of unbundling (ie, billing multiple codes for a group of procedures For example, CPT codes for the removal of a mass include the biopsy of that mass, and coders shouldn't report these procedures separately.
  • 2016 CPT Update - California Health Information Association, 132 revised codes. • 91 deleted codes. CPT codes are mandated by HIPAA as of 2003 to be the code set used for outpatient and pro fee coding. This article will Do not report prolonged service of less than. 45 minutes total duration on a given date, because the clinical staff time involved is included in the E/M codes.
  • NCCI General Correct Coding Policies - American Association of, 1 Jan 2014 I. CPT Manual and CMS Coding Manual Instructions. I-28. J. CPT “Separate Procedure” Definition. I-28. K. Family of Codes. I-29. L. More Extensive Procedure. I-29.. with the bronchoscope should not be reported separately as a access device procedures, CPT codes for more general fluoroscopy.
  • 715 Endobronchial Ultrasound for Diagnosis and Staging of Lung, No. CPT Codes / HCPCS Codes / ICD Codes. Inclusion or exclusion of a code does not constitute or imply member coverage or provider reimbursement. CPT codes: Code Description. 31652. Bronchoscopy, rigid or flexible, including fluoroscopic guidance, when performed; with endobronchial ultrasound (ebus) guided 
  • Current Procedural Terminology - Fluoroscopy, physician or other, Preferred Name. Fluoroscopy, physician or other qualified health care professional time more than 1 hour, assisting a nonradiologic physician or other qualified health care professional (eg, nephrostolithotomy, ERCP, bronchoscopy, transbronchial biopsy). Synonyms. Fluoroscopy. FLUOROSCOPY SPX >1 HOUR 
  • CHAP5-CPTcodes30000-39999_final103115.doc - Find-A-Code, 1 Jan 2016 multiple HCPCS/CPT codes if a single HCPCS/CPT code exists that describes the services. This type of unbundling is incorrect coding. HCPCS/CPT codes include all services. HCPCS/CPT code should not be reported with the bronchoscopy.. Fluoroscopy codes (e.g., CPT codes 76000, 76001) are not.