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  • Clinical Quality eMeasure Logic and Implementation -, 1 | Clinical Quality eMeasure Logic and Implementation Guidance v1.2. 03/2013 This guidance document is for use with the 2014 electronic CQM measures released on December 21, 2012. Contents.. inclusion of a patient in a measure population may require that conditions be satisfied during multiple episodes of.
  • Clinical Quality Measures for 2014 CMS EHR Incentive -, 6 Apr 2016 months prior to the beginning of the calendar year for which the measures will be required, and. CMS will maintain. percentile documentation.. CMS164v5 0068. Ischemic Vascular. Disease (IVD): Use of. Aspirin or Another. Antiplatelet. Domain: Clinical. Process/ Effectiveness. Percentage of patients 18.
  • Clinical Quality Measures for 2014 CMS EHR Incentive -, additional up-to-date information for the EP clinical quality measures finalized in the Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Electronic. Health Record Incentive Program; Final Rule. Because measure specifications may need to be updated more frequently than our expected rulemaking cycle will allow for, this table provides 
  • CQM Alignment | Million Hearts, Million Hearts® and partners worked to align and embed a focused set of evidence-based clinical quality measures into major quality reporting initiatives. and private partners. This achievement required action from a wide range of stakeholders committed to heart disease and stroke prevention, as shown in Table 1.
  • CDI–Clinical Documentation Improvement - AHIMA World Congress, Physician's clinical documentation importance is not priority for the healthcare organizations and the information in the inpatient setting is complex. 3. Multiple providers are needed when there are longer patient stays, resulting in additional clinical documentation with increased inconsistency between provider 
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement | Winscribe, Accurate, timely and compliant clinical documentation is essential to the smooth running of modern healthcare organisations. As the demands and challenges posed by clinical documentation continue to grow, healthcare providers need to adapt, change and improve their processes, tools and training. Healthcare faces a 
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) eLearning - Elsevier, Clinical Documentation Improvement. We all know the challenges that medical coding and inaccurate documentation present. Unfortunately, just knowing isn't enough to ensure the level of specificity and quality of documentation required to meet the demands of payment programs and coding systems. That's where 
  • Using Electronic Clinical Quality Measure Reporting for Public Health, 1 May 2015 This highlights the potential of electronic clinical quality measure (CQM) reporting data for use in monitoring population health for those receiving health care The aggregate numerators and denominators for these CQMs were required to be calculated by a certified EHR system of the health care provider.