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The trunk viewed from the front, showing the pectoralis major to the right. (to the left it is removed showing underlying structures, among other the pectoralis minor.) highlight Pectoralis major muscle - wikipedia.

The clinical history would be consisted with either a biceps or pectoralis major tendon tear. the mri shows a normal biceps tendon and a retracted pectoralis muscle. highlight Pectoralis major rupture - sports -

Eden-Hybinette and Pectoralis Major Transfer for Recurrent  of Chronic pectoralis tear

Picture of Eden-Hybinette and Pectoralis Major Transfer for Recurrent Chronic pectoralis tear

Youtube video Pectoralis Major Tendon Repair - YouTube. Watch the video.

All about pectoralis muscle strains | injury/pain | exos. Pectoralis minor muscle: shoulder, upper back, chest, arm, finger pain Pectoralis minor muscle: shoulder, , chest, arm, pain.

  • Pectoralis Major Tear with Retracted Tendon: How to Fill the Gap, 9 Jan 2017 Rupture of the pectoralis major tendon is considered an uncommon injury and a significant number of ruptures are missed or diagnosed late, leading to a chronic tear. We report an open reconstruction technique and its outcomes in a case of chronic and retracted PM tear. At the last follow-up (12 months), 
  • Pectoralis major tendon ruptures: when to operate | British Journal of, Ohashi et al found that axial T2 weighted images were most useful for acute and subacute injuries, whereas axial T1 weighted images were most useful for delineating chronic injuries. MRI can also visualise haematoma in the muscle belly, suggestive of proximal tears. Connell et al imaged 15 patients with pectoralis major 
  • Chronic Pec Major Tendon Tears - YouTube, 13 Dec 2016 Dr Steve Mora discusses the surgical treatment of chronic pectoralis major tendon tears. This particular case was that of a tear that had been present for a
  • Pectoralis Major Rupture | ShoulderDoc, For delayed and chronic ruptures reconstruction can be considered. This is done using a tendon graft. We have found Achilles Tendon Allograft to be the strongest and most reliable tendon graft. For information on tendon allografts click here. The decision on which pec major tears to repair and when depends on the type of 
  • Chronic Pectoralis Major Tendon Tears- Do you really just have to, 14 Dec 2016 Chronic Pectoralis Major Tendon Tears. Steve Mora MD Orange County Shoulder Specialist. Chronic tears of the pectoralis major tendon present a unique problem for both the patient and the surgeon. Most chronic tears require a cadaver graft to bridge the gap between the torn stump and the bone.
  • Pectoralis Major Rupture - Sports -, may show avulsion of the pectoralis major tendon from the humerus. Treatment. Nonoperative. initial sling immobilization, rest, ice, NSAIDs. indications. may be indicated for partial ruptures; tears in the muscle or musculotendinous junction; low-demand patients. Operative. open exploration and repair of tendon avulsion.
  • Pectoralis Major Rupture | The American Journal of Orthopedics, Allograft reconstruction of chronic pectoralis major tendon ruptures. Michael A MA, Fowler JT, Owens BD. J Surg Orthop Adv. 2013 Spring;22(1):95-102. (Three military patients underwent chronic pectoralis major tendon reconstructions using Achilles tendon allograft. All patients were satisfied.) Tears of pectoralis major in 
  • Chronic rupture of the pectoralis major muscle: Report of two cases, Rupture of the pectoralis major muscle is relatively rare. The authors present two cases of chronic rup- ture in which direct suturing was not possible; reconstruction was possible using a bone-patellar tendon autograft. They conclude that this surgical technique may be useful in some cases of chronic ruptures of the 
  • Dermal allograft reconstruction of a chronic pectoralis major tear, Rupture of the pectoralis major tendon is a relatively rare condition.1,3,13 In the early assessment of these injuries, structurally significant ruptures are often missed and only recognized when they have become chronic.14,17. Fortunately, most chronic cases are amenable to direct repair, but may require increased surgical 
  • Surgical repair of acute and chronic pectoralis major tendon rupture, Background. Pectoralis major (PM) tendon rupture is an uncommon injury whose incidence has risen in recent decades mainly as a result of the increasing number of sports-practising individuals. This study evaluates clinical and ultrasound (US) outcomes after surgical repair of acute and chronic PM tendon rupture.
  • Pectoralis Major - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics, 9 Mar 2017 isokinetic testing showed that patients operated on for acute injuries had the highest adduction strength (102% of the opposite side) compared with patients with chronic injuries (94%) or nonoperative treatment (71%) - ref: Rupture of the Pectoralis Major Muscle. Outcome After Repair of Acute and Chronic 
  • All About Pectoralis Muscle Strains | Injury/Pain | EXOS Knowledge, 26 Jun 2009 A strained pec can occur in two ways: a traumatic event or long-term overuse. An athlete (think football or hockey) can be injured when taking a hard blow to the upper body that the pecs cannot withstand. A chronic strain is less dramatic—overusing the pecs to the point where they begin to tear, either in the 
  • Pectoralis Major Repair - OrthopaedicsOne Articles - OrthopaedicsOne, Acute injury and edema of the pectoralis muscle and insertion, however, can make identification of a complete rupture difficult.21 The hematoma is easily identified in acute injuries but is not present in more chronic tears. It can also be a challenge to differentiate a sternal head rupture versus complete injury. Incomplete