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  • Pacemaker, ICD, and ICM Evaluations, CPT Code Definition. 2016 Medicare. Work. RVUs1. Avg. Pymt.2. (In-Person). Interrogation. Evaluation. 93288. Interrogation device evaluation (in person) with analysis,. Information includes CPT billing codes, CPT frequency rules, and 2016 Medicare unadjusted global payment (note: includes BIOTRONIK DX ICD).
  • BIOTRONIK, Inc., 8 Jan 2016 Revised January 2016. BIOTRONIK, Inc. Medicare C-Codes. Cardiac Rhythm Management // Medicare C-Codes required to use C-codes to identify medical devices used as part of outpatient procedures in order to improve the quality of data used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 
  • 2017 physician coding - Medtronic, Physicians or other qualified health care professionals report CPT1 codes for services regardless of where the service was provided (physician office, inpatient or outpatient hospital). Typically changes to CPT codes are effective January 1st of each calendar year. Category III codes reflect emerging technology and therefore 
  • 2017 hospital coding - Medtronic, 2017. Hospital Coding and Reimbursement. I. C-APC and APC reassignments effective January 1, 20171. CPT or Category. III Codes. Abbreviated 2017 CPT or Category III Description. 2017 C-APC or. APC Assignment. 2016 C-APC or. APC Assignment. 0387T. Transcath insert/replace perm. leadless pacer, ventricular.
  • CPT Codes - Academy of Doctors of Audiology, Codes. CPT. Code. Official CPT Description. Uses. 69209. Removal of impacted cerumen using irrigation/lavage, unilateral. This is used to report removal of impacted (cannot see clinically significant portions of the tympanic membrane) cerumen using irrigation and/or lavage. Medicare will not reimburse independent