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Common medical abbreviations - globalrph. Ac. abbreviation for alternating current. ac. symbol for actinium; acetyl. ac. symbol for arabinosylcytosine. ac acromioclavicular; air conduction; alternating current; anodal closure; aortic closure. ac actinium. ac. 1 symbol for the element actinium. 2 abbreviation for acetyl (ch 3 co). ac. 1 abbreviation for alternating current. Ac | definition ac medical dictionary.

  • AC | definition of AC by Medical dictionary, Looking for online definition of AC in the Medical Dictionary? AC explanation free. What is AC? Meaning of AC medical term. What does AC mean?
  • -ac | definition of -ac by Medical dictionary, Looking for online definition of -ac in the Medical Dictionary? -ac explanation free. What is -ac? Meaning of -ac medical term. What does -ac mean?
  • Definition of AC - MedicineNet, Medical Definition of AC. AC: Abbreviation for a.c. (ante cibum on a prescription); acromioclavicular (shoulder joint); antecubital (crook of elbow). Take the Menopause Quiz. Disease Prevention in Women: Health Screening Tests Every Woman Needs. Essential Screening Tests Every Woman Needs Slideshow.
  • List of medical abbreviations: A - Wikipedia, Medical abbreviations · ← previous page of list (0–9) · next page of list (B) → · 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z · Latin abbreviations · Prescription abbreviations Abbreviation, Meaning a.c.. AC, before a meal (from Latin ante cibum). AC, abdominal circumference assisted controlled ventilation
  • AC Medical Abbreviation: What is AC in Medical Terms - YouTube, 22 Jun 2016 You Should Check This Article (AC Medical Abbreviation: What is AC in Medical Terms? Following are some AC abbre
  • AC Medical Abbreviation: What is AC in medical terms? 2016 Guide, 10 May 2016 Looking for AC Medical Abbreviation? Find out verified abbreviation list here. You can get all relevant information about medical complex words.
  • What does AC stand for? -, AC. Acute. Medical » Physiology. Rate it: AC. Aircraft. Governmental » Air Force -- and more Rate it: AC. Air Conditioning. Medical » Hospitals -- and more Rate it: AC. Alternating Current. Academic & Science » Architecture -- and more Rate it: AC. Air Conditioner. Governmental » Transportation -- and more Rate it: AC.
  • Common medical abbreviations. bid, tid, qd, hs, stat, NGT, 25 Jul 2017 Common medical abbreviations for medical transcription.
  • Medical Abbreviations | Taber's Medical Dictionary - Taber's Online, Medical Abbreviations. A accommodation; acetum; angström unit; anode; anterior a artery a before. A2 aortic second sound aa of each; arteries. AAA abdominal aortic aneurysm abd abdominal/abdomen. ABG arterial blood gas. ABI ankle-brachial index. ABO three basic blood groups. AC adrenal cortex; air conduction; 
  • Common Medical Abbreviations.pdf, Ac acetyl; actinium. AC acetate; acromioclavicu- lar; air conduction; alternat- ing current; atriocarotid. AC:A accommodation con- vergence accommodation. (ratio) The forbidden symbol (m) appears opposite abbreviations prohibited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).
  • Ac | Definition of Ac by Merriam-Webster, What does the abbreviation ac stand for? Meaning: account; acre; before meals — ac in a sentence.
  • medical terminology abbreviations - Delmar - Cengage Learning, Please note that in medical terminology, the capitalization of letters bears significance as to the meaning of certain terms, and is often used to distinguish terms with similar acronyms. @—at. A & P—anatomy and physiology ab—abortion abd—abdominal. ABG—arterial blood gas. a.c.—before meals ac & cl—acetest and 
  • Prescription Abbreviations, in the right eye, 5X a day. -. five times a day. O.S.. -. in the left eye, q.4h. -. every four hours. O.U.. -. in both eyes, q.6h. -. every six hours. q.o.d.. -. every other day. prn. -. as needed. -. One. -. Two, q.t.t.. -. drop. -. Three, a.c.. -. before meals. -. Four, p.c.. -. after meals