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  • 2017/18 ICD-10-CM Codes O60*: Preterm labor - ICD 10 Data, Clinical Information. A disorder characterized by delivery of a viable infant before the normal end of gestation. Typically, viability is achievable between the 
  • 2017/18 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code O60.02: Preterm labor without, Preterm labor without delivery, second trimester. 2016 2017 2018 Billable/Specific Code Maternity Dx (12-55 years) Female Dx 2nd Trimester (14-28 weeks).
  • Coding for Prematurity, Jul 7, 2008 On the mother's record, premature birth is classified to ICD-9-CM code 644.21. On the newborn's record, prematurity is classified to code 765.1, and Code assignment is based on physician documentation of the diagnosis. of premature labor that occur in the mother include contractions that occur 
  • ICD-10 Version:2016 - World Health Organization, O60.1 Preterm spontaneous labour with preterm delivery. Incl.: Preterm labour with O62.4 Hypertonic, incoordinate, and prolonged uterine contractions.
  • ICD-10 Version:2016 - World Health Organization, Excl.: when due to premature rupture of membranes (P01.1) P03.6 Fetus and newborn affected by abnormal uterine contractions. Incl.: Fetus or newborn 
  • ICD-10 Version:2016 - World Health Organization, O33.2 Maternal care for disproportion due to inlet contraction of pelvis. Incl.: Inlet . O42.0 Premature rupture of membranes, onset of labour within 24 hours 
  • ICD-10-CM C&M September 2016 Diagnosis Agenda - Centers for, Sep 13, 2016 ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee Meeting.. Any new ICD-10 codes required to capture new technology that will. We encourage you to join early, as the number of phone lines is Abnormalities during antenatal tests such as non-stress tests (NSTs) and contraction stress tests (CSTs).